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Rococco Pink Cup

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Rococco Pink Cup

Outrageous design from the 1840's, this precious English porcelain cup year old cup had a a hairline crack on which we've done a Kintsugi repair.  We hope we look this good when we're nearly 200 years old. It is 9cm in diameter.

Bask in our warming and spicy essential oil blend

Number of wicks: 1

Refillable: Yes

Essential oil blend: Sandalwood, cedar and orange

Hand decoration: Calendula and rose

Blend ratio: 90% European sourced olive oil and sunflower wax, 7% pure essential oils and 3% UK bees wax

Candle volume: 150ml

We blend our candles with pure essential oils which give them a delightfully subtle and natural fragrance. We wick them with cotton and linen blend wicks.

We never use artificial fragrances, chemicals, paraffin wax or GMO palm or soya waxes.

Be good to yourself, be good to the planet.