Here at Cockles and Heart candles we are proud to say that sustainability is the starting point in everything we make. You can't have a wellness product like a natural candle without knowing that it has been produced consciously and with care. All our candles are made and packaged using planet friendly materials. As we love to say, be good to yourself, be good to the planet.

Reduce and Re-use

Most of our candles are hand poured into locally sourced vintage china. Not only are we giving new life to discarded objects, we are keeping our environmental impact low by minimising our use of new materials.


Our wellness tins are 100% recyclable and we use compostable and biodegradable cane fibre labels. All our pure linen and cotton wicks are lead free, These are small choice that contribute to big changes.

Natural Wax

We choose our coconut, UK bees and canola waxes based on the whole lifecycle approach. This means we look at the environmental and ethical impacts of each ingredient. We never use GMO or mass monoculture crops like soya, palm or petroleum waxes like paraffin. We campaign as loudly as we can against the use of palm and soya due to considerable concerns about deforestation.

Essential oils

We use pure essential oils to scent our wax blends and absolutely never use chemical fragrances. On average, essential oils make up 8% of our finished candles. Because we use essential oils not artificial fragrances, our candles give off an incredibly pure aroma even before they are lit. All our herbs are grown on our Devon smallholding.

  • Aqua Tealight

    Ylng ylang and lime

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    Aqua TealightAqua Tealight
  • Relaxing Breathe Deep

    Bergamot, thyme & lime

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    Relaxing Breathe DeepRelaxing Breathe Deep
  • Soothing Lights Down Low

    Ylang ylang, petitgrain & lime

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    Soothing Lights Down LowSoothing Lights Down Low
  • Mood Boosting Starry Night

    Frankincense, ho leaf & bergamot

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    Unusual candles vintage Cockles and HeartMood Boosting Starry Night