Candle Care Guide

Cockles and Heart candles are made from 100% sustainable natural waxes. With a little care they will far outlast the big brands, most who use oil and chemical bases when manufacturing their candles. Get the most out of your candle with our four point guide and don't forget our refill service.

1. A calm burn

Always choose a draught free spot to enjoy your candle. A gentle flame will mean your candle burns more evenly and will last longer. The first time you light your candle, leave it lit until the wax melts right across the surface to avoid tunneling.

2. Trim the wick

Ideally wicks should be 5mm above the wax. Once you've lit your candle and let the wax melt across the whole surface, let it cool and reset. Before re-lighting trim the wick back to 5mm to avoid sooting or black marks.

3. Burn time

We recommend burning your candle for between 1-4 hours at a time depending on size. Telltale signs of overheating are if the flame starts flickering fast and the top layer of melted wax is more than 4mm deep.

4. Aftercare

When you've enjoyed many hours of candlelit joy, we really encourage you to reuse the vessel. We offer refills on many of our candles. Alternatively, if you'd like to restore your china or glass vessel to its former glory, place it upside down on a newspaper in a low-heat oven to remove the remaining wax and give it a gentle wipe with kitchen towel.

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