About us

Cockles and Heart candles are all handmade using natural waxes and pure essential oils. We live by the mantra 'be good to yourself, be good to the planet. So we never use chemicals, artificial frangrances, paraffin, soya or palm in our candles. Many of our candles are hand poured into UK sourced vintage vessels and all our tins are fully recyclable.

When it comes to candles, what you light matters. Many of us choosing a candle are looking for wellness, unaware that the ingredients in so many candles are harmful. Choose Cockles and Heart, secure in the knowledge that we are doing the right thing. Be good to yourself, be good to the planet.

Our story

For many, lighting a candle is the beginning of a wellness relaxation or reflection ritual. For Cockles and Heart founder, Shona Duncan, the path to better health started with the candle making.

Having recovered from a serious illness in 2017 it was clear her career as political campaigner was no longer sustainable.

Only after trying umpteen candles to support her own journey back to wellness, did Shona realise how poor so many mass market candles actually were. So she started making her own.

The criteria was basic: candles must help rather than hurt. She applied this simple philosophy to human health and the planet, and the results - in our very humble opinion - are so much better than anything produced by the big name candle conglomerates.

And so was born Cockles and Heart!

  • Speed the Plough

    Lavender, Ylang Ylang and bergamot

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    Speed the PloughSpeed the Plough
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  • Copeland Cup

    Frankincense, cedarwood and lemon

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    Copeland CupCopeland Cup
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