C&H Candlemaking Workshops

Candle making is incredibly fun and satisfying and here at Cockles and Heart we love sharing our knowledge and experience through our Vintage Candlemaking Workshops. 

Candlemaking is part art and part science.  Everyone likes the arty bit, but to make really beautiful candles, you have to get all the technical stuff right too and we cover every aspect of that in our half day candle workshops.

We run our workshops for small groups of up to five people here at our candle making studio in South Devon.  Everyone gets the chance to get their hands on the wax, blend essential oils and learn about wicking candles. 

Our workshops are really practical and most people take home two candles.  The first will be a practice candle in a tin where our budding candlemakers perfect their wick centering and candle decorating techniques.  The second will be in a vintage container.


We supply all the materials for the workshops including vintage cups, tins, wicks, wax and essential oils. 

Some people do chose to bring their own cups and that ok too as long as they measure them to make sure they are approximately 150ml.

Of course everyone on the course has the opportunity to ask as many questions as they like.  

For those who may be thinking of taking up candle making as a business, they often ask:

Is candle-making profitable?

Do you need a license to sell candles UK?

Is selling candles profitable UK?

What legally needs to be on a candle label UK?

Do candles sell well on Etsy?

Is it hard to start a candle business?

Whatever the question, we are happy to talk it through and share our knowledge as best we can. 

Many people who come on our vintage candlemaking courses do so for pleasure, to try their hand at a new craft and because they want to make gifts for family and friends.  We aim to give them all the tips and skills they need to make really lovely candles in their own homes. 

Our next candle workshop is on Saturday 18 February from 10am to 1pm here at our studio in the glorious South Hams countryside just three miles from Totnes.  For more information or to book a place visit our workshop page here.  Happy candling!!!